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Please explore our portfolio of kitchen, bathroom and bespoke tiling below. At Worcestershire Elite Tiling, we're experts in sourcing tiling that meet your requirements exactly; whether you're looking for something individual like mosaic tiling, or something classic like a simple ceramic tiling, we'll source the materials to achieve the look you want.

Our tiling services range from grouting, to floor to wall, and everything in-between. No matter what your request, we are always happy to hear your project requirements, and can provide an in-person design consultation with a free, no obligation quote. 


Call us on 07921 438042 or message us on WhatsApp to tell us about your tiling project today. 
We serve Redditch and surrounding areas. Our working hours are flexible according to bookings.

Types of tiling we source include: 

  • Ceramic Tile- this is a very affordable, aesthetically pleasing, common type of tile that is used for many different types of purposes; ranging from kitchen to bathroom use and beyond. Ceramic tiles are a very durable material which are easy to keep clean and come in many styles, shapes and sizes. 

  • Mosaic Tile- this is a beautiful type of tile that offers distinct designs in a wide range of patterns, colours, and styles. Mosaic tiles can be used to really tie the look of a room together; offering a wonderful pop of creativity and flair. They come in a range of materials to best suit your requirements- whether you're looking for something hard-wearing or easy to clean, there are many choices available. 

  • Porcelain Tile- this type of tile is known for its visual ability to replicate the look of natural stone, wood, or even brick. This means you get the benefit of the desired look of a particular material, without the drawbacks of their maintenance. Porcelain is durable, easy to clean, and there is always an abundance of designs to choose from, making it suitable for any type of room. 

  • Natural Stone Tile- this is a tile that offers wonderful visual features such as natural flecks and textures. Their individual look will create a lovely aesthetic for any room. Because this is a natural material, each stone tile is guaranteed to be unique to you; a special one of a kind which can't be replicated by any factory. Stone tiles' natural origins also mean that they are one of the most sustainable choices when it comes to tiles. Stone tile is extremely durable, easy to clean and easy to maintain.   


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